Italian Workbooks and Lab Manuals

Sei pronto... a perfezionarti? w/audio CDs


ISBN: 978-0-9824845-0-0

Edited by Barbara Carbon


The Sei pronto series complements traditional textbooks used in Italian instruction. It helps build communicative proficiency in Italian following the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning utilizing the
5 Cs - communication, cultures, connections, comparisons and communities. Each unit in the Workbooks focuses on one specific aspect of contemporary Italian culture through a variety of materials, such as newspaper and magazine articles, on-line blogs, advertisements, radio and TV program excerpts and more.

This series is also useful as a listening, reading, writing and speaking review for high school students wishing to prepare for standardized testing in Italian.

  • 154 pages, softcover, with 2 audio CDs
  • Authentic readings
  • Topics included are: language and culture, emigration, stereotypes, politics and society, tourism, technology, transportation, economy, environment and health
  • Includes grammar principles, vocabulary and answer key
“This new combination lab-workbook is an excellent classroom text! Its thematic units focus on tangible topics enabling students to increase their knowledge of Italian culture while reinforcing strategies and techniques needed to master Italian at higher levels.”
Maria Abate De Blasio
Italian Teacher
Palisades Park Junior/Senior High School, Palisades Park, NJ