Italian Textbooks

Leggi bene!
Reading Effectively in Italian
ISBN: 978-1-937923-28-0

Laura Bresciani Adriana Musumarra Bonfield Elena Ducci


Innovative, comprehensive textbook for reading effectively in Italian.

This text prepares students to read in Italian progressively from simple texts to more complex ones.

Each of 8 chapters presents passages of increasing difficulty containing vocabulary and stimulating activities to develop reading and comprehension skills.

Chapters are organized with:
-pre-reading activities focused on skimming and scanning
-reading passages
-post-reading activities
-vocabulary with exercises
-grammar in context
-final reading passages for reinforcement of skills acquired in the chapter
-from reading to oral production
-daily life in Italian: practical information related to the chapter.

Controllo finale at the end of each chapter.

Plus a robust grammatical appendix organized by chapter.

204 pages.

Separate Soluzioni available.

Leggi bene! is an excellent book that applies close reading methodologies to language learning: the authors lead students through a variety of up-to-date original texts, which foster the learning of new vocabulary and the review of grammar and syntax in a meaningful context. The quantity and variety of available exercises, together with the grammar appendix, allow instructors to adopt the book as a one-stop solution for advanced intermediate and reading courses in Italian.”
Nicola Lucchi
Dept. of European Languages
Queens College - CUNY, New York
“An excellent tool for developing second-language literacy. Leggi bene! pairs a thoughtful selection of authentic materials with scaffolded activities designed to expand the learner's linguistic and cultural repertoire while increasing the ability to evaluate and organize relevant content. Ideal for an Italian conversation classroom, Leggi bene! works just as well as an additional resource in intermediate-advanced courses.”
Nicola Cipani
Associate Clinical Professor
New York University, New York
Leggi bene! is a precious resource for students who are serious about learning Italian and for teachers looking to adopt a text that will keep students entertained while learning. Spanning from cuisine to cinema to fashion to literature to music to tourism to immigration, the authors have framed, within Italian cultural contexts, engaging readings and particularly well-conceptualized activities and exercises. These will help students strengthen their grammar and vocabulary while offering a fresh look at Italian customs and traditions. This text provides an intelligent method to learn Italian through reading -- sure to captivate students and teachers alike.”
Tiziana Rinaldi Castro
Novelist and Professor
Montclair State University, NJ