Italian Workbooks and Lab Manuals

Sei pronto... a migliorare? w/audio CDs


ISBN: 978-0-9846327-2-5

Barbara Carbon Susanna Pastorino


This new intermediate-level text in the Sei pronto series comes with two audio CDs recorded by native speakers. Each of the 10 units focuses on one specific aspect of contemporary Italian culture through a wide range of material -- editorial articles, flyers, letters, emails, text messages, advertisements, blogs, telephone conversations and web excerpts.

The Sei pronto series complements traditional textbooks used in Italian instruction. These Workbook/Lab Manuals can also substitute as "hybrid" texts if the teacher wishes to teach grammar directly.

This series is also useful as a listening, reading, writing and speaking review for high school students wishing to prepare for standardized testing in Italian.

  • 170 pages, softcover, with 2CDs
  • 10 units: Il ritorno delle vacanze, Il mondo del lavoro, La passione per lo sport, La musica, Il mondo dello spettacolo, L'amicizia e l'amore, La moda e il design, Le scoperte e le invenzioni, La comunicazione virtuale, Le malattie e i rimedi
  • Includes grammar principles and vocabulary for each unit
Sei pronto... a migliorare? provides a noteworthy second-level text in the Sei pronto Series. It is an outstanding learning platform that will support purposeful, meaningful, and engaging instruction to intermediate students of Italian. This workbook and lab manual can accompany any number of standard grammatical texts, and since the material integrates cultural readings, dialogues, vignettes, and audio CDs, students have ample mechanical and communicative exercises to build their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.”
Alan Perry
Associate Professor, Italian
Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, PA