Italian Readers

Non soltanto un baule
storie di emigranti italiani
ISBN: 978-0-9723562-5-1

Edited by Concetta Perna Foreward by Matilda Raffa Cuomo


This 10-story anthology captures the struggles that millions of Italians experienced in their search for a better life outside Italy. The immigrants' stories, told through the voices of descendants or friends, richly express the emotion, pride and heartbreak of their emigration to the U.S., Australia, Argentina and Canada.

  • Exercises for comprehension, discussion, research and writing
  • Footnoted vocabulary with explanations in Italian
  • Table of passato remoto verbs in three conjugations
  • Cultural notes in English
  • Softcover, 112 pages

“A courageous book, Non soltanto un baule will be the joy of many students who learn Italian in order to speak to their immigrant grandparents. Many of these students are in our classes and this is the first book that leverages their strong motivation to learn. It is also the first book that takes into account a story easily forgotten, a story of pain and will, the story of Italian emigration.”
Ilaria Serra
Reviewer College Board
AP Central,