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Migrazioni contemporanee
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ISBN: 978-1-937923-21-1

Giusy Di Filippo Martina Di Florio


Current phenomenon of im/migration to Italy is this textbook's foundation.

  • Features literature from 11 migrant writers -- male and female, well and lesser known (Christiana De Caldas Brito, Ubax Christina Ali Farah, Gabriella Ghermandi, Gezim Hajdari, Kossi Kombla-Ebri, Ron Kubati, Amara Lakhous, Salah Methnani, Ingy Mubiayi, Igiaba Scego and Laila Wadia
  • Final chapter features in-depth interviews with each of the 11 writers
  • Migrazioni contemporanee provides a guided analysis of the literary text selections under the cover themes of the migration process -- the journey, arrival, memory, lack of identity, questions of belonging, etc.
  • 232 pages, softcover
  • Separate Soluzioni available
“In this textbook the present-day interaction between 'Italianness' and 'otherness' is made accessible, explored in depth through a mosaic of lively authorial voices. Readings are introduced, contextualized and made even more relevant by interviews with writers. The unusual and welcome space given to the gaze of 'others' makes this text unique: a privileged perspective on migration, assimilation, acculturation and, ultimately, a more accurate picture of Italy in the new millennium.”
Dr. Fulvio Orsitto
Georgetown University's Villa Le Balze Study Center, Florence, Italy
“Well-researched, informative and amazingly current! Migrazioni contemporanee is much more than a textbook: it is a work that gets to the heart of contemporary issues of im/migration to Italy while engaging students in literary, anthropological and historical analysis. Suitable for intermediate-advanced classes in Italian and courses on Italian studies, this book promotes self-reflection and awareness of an immigrant perspective. An absolute must in an era of massive, troubled migrations.”
Tiziana Serafini
Visiting Special Professional Faculty
University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN
“Finally a text that fills a long-standing void in the study of Italian culture at the intermediate and advanced levels. Students and teachers will welcome this extremely rich and well-organized anthology of compelling stories coming from the best letteratura migrante. This text offers a step-by-step approach to reading and text analysis, and a variety of pre- and post-reading activities. Particularly poignant are the moving and thoughtful interviews with the featured authors.”
Daniela Bartalesi-Graf
Lecturer, Department of Italian Studies
Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA
Migrazioni contemporanee is an important book that exposes intermediate to advanced-level students to the growing trend of migrant literature in Italy. The extensive contemporary vocabulary, reviews of grammatical structures and supplementary references to various media such as cinema and music make this a valuable text for mastering critical thinking and communicating in Italian.”
Rosaria Moretti-Lawrie
Italian Language Instructor
University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, Canada