Italian Workbooks and Lab Manuals

Snapshots of contemporary Italian life
ISBN: 978-1-937923-13-6

Anna Clara Ionta Anna Taraboletti Segre

  • Powerful, new, compact "all-in-one", 200-page, illustrated textbook with authentic letture
  • DVD includes clips from 6 contemporary Italian films (Focaccia Blues, Generazione 1000 Euro, Scrivilo sui muri, Pranzo di Ferragosto, La ragazza del lago, Giorni e nuvole), plus 11 videos on topics ranging from food to craftsmanship, to volunteerism, recycling and more
  • Grammar reviews and a variety of stimulating exercises
  • Tests at the end of each of 6 units

Mosaici is a welcome addition to the textbooks available in North America for intermediate-level students of Italian. The authentic nature of material, attractive choice of films, and effective methodology make this excellent book a revelation for teachers and students.”
Michael Lettieri
Professor of Italian
University of Toronto,