Italian Music Study

EF Music Study: Italia 1988-2012 w/CD
Only 6 Copies Left!

ONLY 6 Copies Left.

ISBN: 978-1-937923-08-2

Lillyrose Veneziano Broccia a cura di Rita Pasqui

  • 11 Jovanotti songs with lyrics
  • Authentic readings
  • Comprehension, reading, writing, listening and grammar exercises
  • 120 pages, softcover, illustrated
  • Great addition to AP prep courses
  • Separate Soluzioni available
“I use Lillyrose Veneziano Broccia's delightful textbook Jovanotti: Italia 1988-2012 in my intermediate language and culture courses and find it to be a creative and effective tool for engaging students in learning. Built around the iconic songs of Italian megastar Lorenzo "Jovanotti" Cherubini, Veneziano Broccia's textbook incorporates communicative grammar and vocabulary exercises with discussion topics ranging from technology and travel to health and urban life - all drawn from Jovanotti's songs. Adopted on its own or in conjunction with other materials, this is a fresh and valuable addition to the Italian classroom.”
Meredith Ray
Associate Professor of Italian
University of Delaware, Newark, DE