Italian Film Study

EF Film Study Program: Caterina va in citta'
ISBN: 978-0-9795031-3-9

Nicoletta Villa-Sella


This film released in 2003, directed by Paolo Virzì and starring Sergio Castellitto, portrays a family's relocation from a small town to Rome. The focus is on daughter Caterina who finds herself in a new private school which reflects a microcosm of Italian society and its cultural and political divisions.

  • This advanced-level film study text covers seven, 15 to 20-minute sequences of the film, plus units on the plot, the director and a special concluding unit with suggested essays and more vocabulary builders.
  • "Spunti culturali" inserted throughout the text adroitly capture the essence of Italian cultural and political divisions. Also includes in-class discussion topics, comprehension exercises, grammar activities and vocabulary builders.
  • 64 pages, softcover
  • No DVD included.

The Edizioni Farinelli Film Study Program is the most systematic approach to learning Italian through film. Teachers can keep their curriculum fresh and interesting by introducing film as an excellent practice activity. University students and self-study learners build language skills through focused viewing of Italian film. High school students taking advanced-level Italian courses and preparing for standardized exams in Italian can enjoy film while improving their knowledge of language and culture.

“Great resource! Students will find everything they need to reach their potential at the intermediate and advanced levels. As active learners in the Italian language, students will also develop cultural sensitivity as they follow a journey of life, love and self-discovery: 'Un mondo ricco da scoprire.'
Maria C. Mansella
Professor of Italian
Community College of Rhode Island,