Italian Film Study

EF Film Study: Tutta la vita davanti


ISBN: 978-0-9846327-8-7

Cristina Villa


As Italy struggles to get its economy on solid footing, its youth continue to struggle to find employment. Paolo Virzi's examination of youth employment challenges in Tutta la vita davanti is as topical today as when the film debuted in 2008.

The story focuses on a talented university grad who accepts temporary employment in a multinational call center given no long-term job prospects, and it examines the lives of her other "call center colleagues" who live a life of insecurity and fear.

This intermediate film study text covers eight, 15 to 20-minute sequences of the film with exercises for comprehension, vocabulary, grammar as well as speaking and writing.

•"Letture and Navigare nella rete" are included for each sequence to enrich cultural knowledge of Italy as relates to the film and stimulate class discussion.

•50 pages, softcover; no DVD included.

The Edizioni Farinelli Film Study Program is the most systematic approach to learning Italian through film. Teachers can keep their curriculum fresh and interesting by introducing film as an excellent practice activity. University students and self-study learners build language skills through focused viewing of Italian film. Mature high school students on the preparatory track for standardized exams in Italian enjoy film while improving their knowledge of language and culture.

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“This text is an extremely valuable resource. It will enhance intermediate and advanced Italian students' understanding of contemporary Italy and provide many opportunities to discuss important social issues through in-depth analysis of Tutta la vita davanti, a film that never fails to impress and engage students at all levels.”
Federica Santini, Ph.D
Associate Professor of Italian
Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, GA