Italian Film Study

EF Film Study: Ricordati di me


ISBN: 978-0-9795031-6-0

Giuseppe Tassone


Gabrielle Muccino’s 2003 release is a sophisticated film that examines complex personal and professional interests among a seemingly stable, middle class Roman family. It’s a movie about life: passions, dreams, responsibilities and grievances.

This advanced-level film study text covers six, 15 to 25-minute sequences of the film with exercises for comprehension, vocabulary, grammar as well as speaking and writing.

  • “Spunti culturali” are included for each sequence to enrich cultural knowledge of Italy as relates to the film.
  • Class discussion topics are included with each sequence.
  • Students are also challenged to “predict” sequence to sequence what’s coming next.
  • 60 pages, softcover, ISBN 978-0-9795031-6-0
  • No DVD included.

The Edizioni Farinelli Film Study Program is the most systematic approach to learning Italian through film. Teachers can keep their curriculum fresh and interesting by introducing film as an excellent practice activity. University students and self-study learners build language skills through focused viewing of Italian film. Mature high school students on the preparatory track for standardized exams in Italian enjoy film while improving their knowledge of language and culture.

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“Ricordati di me is a culturally rich film which students will find interesting and amusing. The accompanying EF Film Study text is divided into six masterfully designed sequences aimed at strengthening grammar and syntax, increasing vocabulary and enhancing written and oral proficiency.”
Edoardo A. Lebano
Professor Emeritus of Italian
Indiana University, Bloomington, IN