Italian Film Study

EF Film Study: Pinocchio


ISBN: 978-0-9824845-1-7

Rated G, this 2002 film stars Roberto Benigni who also directed and
co-wrote the Italian version. The film is based on the "Adventures of Pinocchio" by Carlo Collodi.

  • This intermediate-level film study text covers seven, 15 to 20-minute sequences of the film.
  • "Letture" are included for each sequence to enrich cultural knowledge.
  • Comprehension, grammar and vocabulary exercises are extensively varied.
  • Activities for class conversation starters
  • 62 pages, soft cover, ISBN 978-0-9824845-1-7
  • No DVD included.

The Edizioni Farinelli Film Study Program is the most systematic approach to learning Italian through film. Teachers can keep their curriculum fresh and interesting by introducing film as an excellent practice activity. University students and self-study learners build language skills through focused viewing of Italian film. Mature high school students on the preparatory track for standardized exams in Italian enjoy film while improving their knowledge of language and culture.

“We read Pinocchio in our second-semester Italian course, and since students are familiar with the main story, their first encounter with Italian literature is enjoyable. This Film Study Program will further help students understand the material, visualize the story, and improve listening comprehension and conversational skills. It is a great teacher tool, a great choice, a great program!”
Cinzia Donatelli Noble
Teaching Professor of Italian
Brigham Young University, Provo, UT