Italian Film Study

EF Film Study: Il divo


ISBN: 978-0-9846327-1-8

Daniela De Pau Lillyrose Veneziano Broccia


Il divo is the biographical portrait of seven-time Italian prime minister Giulio Andreotti. It is compelling and thought-provoking and reflects the impenetrability that kept this adept politician in power for decades. Even his wife, Livia, realizes that she like others really doesn't know her husband at all.

This new film study text covers six, 15-to-20 minute sequences of the nearly two-hour film.

  • 68 pages, softcover
  • "Spunti culturali" on topics related to the film, such as, "Brevi cenni di storia d'Italia (1945-1978), Mani pulite, La presidenza della Repubblica Italiana," etc.
  • Varied exercises for comprehension, grammar, class discussion, vocabulary building, and writing.
  • No DVD included.

The Edizioni Farinelli Film Study Program is the most systematic approach to learning Italian through film. Teachers can keep their curriculm fresh and interesting by introducing film as an excellent practice activity. University students and self-study learners build language skills through focused viewing of Italian film. High school students taking advanced-level Italian courses and preparing for standardized exams in Italian can enjoy film while improving their knowledge of language and culture.

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“Finally a communicative study guide that is fun, interesting and intellectually stimulating! [...] This book will become one of the essentials in our Italian departments!”
Fulvia Serra
Adjunct Instructor
St. Joseph's University, Philadelphia, PA