Italian Film Study

EF Film Study: Bianco e nero
Closing Out-ONLY 7 copies left

Closing Out-ONLY 7 copies left

ISBN: 978-1-937923-04-4

Roberta Tabanelli, Ph.D. Cristina Villa


Cristina Comencini's romantic comedy deals with a host of explosive issues: inter-racial relationships, adultery, violence against women, and more.

• 62 pages, softcover (no DVD included)

“I teach Bianco e nero as a core film in my college intermediate Italian course. This text recognizes the value of the film as a romantic comedy and also a social document of encounter and separation between cultures and ethnic groups in Italy through the force of interracial love.   A wide range of well-designed language activities guide students and instructors in viewing comprehension. Readings and opportunities for comments develop the theme of foreign immigration, socio-economic integration and cultural separation, giving a complete and critical picture of these phenomena in contemporary Italy.  ”
Flavia Laviosa
Senior Lecturer, Italian Studies and Cinema and Media Studies
Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA