Italian Readers

Amicizia, Affetto, Amore
ISBN: 978-0-9846327-5-6

Laura Bresciani Claudia Donna Alessandra Garolla


This intermediate-level text has been developed around the topics of friendship and love. It includes contemporary literary writings from Alessandro Baricco, Italo Calvino, Gianrico Carofiglio, Giulia Carcasi, Andrea De Carlo, Paola Mastrocola and Fabio Volo. Each of seven units comes with pre- and post-reading exercises for comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, speaking and writing.

136 pages, softcover

Amicizia, Affetto, Amore is an inspiring learning tool that will help abate the emotional barriers that often prevent students from expressing themselves freely and meaningfully.”
Nicoletta Marini-Maio
Associate Professor of Italian
Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA
“I like Amicizia, Affetto, Amore very much, I think it's very suitable for a 300 course: very modern, with the real language used in Italy and dealing with subjects that are very attractive for young people. This text gives me also the possibility of introducing a lot of other material: films, interviews, songs and much more! I also like the review of grammar, with the grammar exercises and all the other exercises on the use of the Italian language.”
Margherita Morando
Italian Lecturer
University of Maryland, College Park, MD