Italian AP

Ace the AP Italian Language and Culture Exam, 5th Edition
ISBN: 978-1-937923-26-6

5th Edition of this classic AP Italian preparatory workbook to conform to the new structure of the Italian AP exam announced by the College Board.

Authentic written and audio material in 234-pages with more than two hours of online audio available. Text includes five lessons, practice exam, test strategies, and transcriptions for all audio.

All six themes and sub-topics utilized in this text correspond to the College Board course framework for the exam and they are clearly indicated throughout the book.

Audio available online using a unique "Textbook Code" inserted in the book which is valid for one year from the date it is registered on our website with a specific email address. It is non-transferable.

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Separate Soluzioni available.

Softcover, published 2020.

“Edizioni Farinelli has once again created a tool that is pivotal for students and teachers alike. Ace the AP Italian text has been instrumental in preparing our students for the Italian AP exam, and the 5th edition is no exception! From start to finish, this workbook offers students the ability to learn a myriad of sophisticated vocabulary while giving them a multitude of opportunities to practice their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. The prompts themselves are unparalleled and the practice exercises are crucial to growth and development.”
Christina Schiavello
Teacher of Italian
Hanover Park High School, East Hanover, NJ
“Ace the AP is an important text for preparing students to take the AP Italian exam. All the strategies and exercises help build the necessary skills to communicate authentically in Italian. The material is challenging and engaging, and topics are relevant with a great selection of cultural themes. It is definitely the best practice tool that I've used to prepare students for the AP Italian exam.”
Marisa Dispenza
AP Italian Teacher
Wantagh High School, Wantagh, NY
“Ace the AP Italian is a valuable textbook both for the Italian student who wishes to perform well on the AP exam and for the teacher looking for a great supplemental tool to use in class. The format guides the students gently and systematically through each section of the AP exam, offers students ample, appropriate, and authentic practice materials on the six AP themes, and as a bonus, gives students some very helpful tips on how to do well on the exam. The new format also provides exercises that will help students build their vocabulary and reading strategies. Kudos to Edizioni Farinelli for its revamping of the text!”
Dolores Pigoni-Miller
AP Italian Teacher
Ridgewood High School, Norridge, IL
“The best and most practical text out there. It provides an excellent selection of cultural themes helping students face the challenge of preparing for a rigorous exam with ease and confidence. An invaluable tool for both AP Italian teachers and students.”
Silvana Berardo
AP Italian Teacher
Madison High School, Madison, NJ
ACE the AP Italian Language and Culture Exam textbook has been a Godsend in my teaching AP Italian the last few years. It is the heart of my AP Italian course and curriculum. My students, who have taken the AP exam, have said that ACE the AP was the most useful resource for exam prep.”
Teresa Murano
AP Italian Teacher
North Quincy High School, North Quincy, MA