Italian AP

AP Italian Track - Level 1 w/audio CD
ISBN: 978-0-9786016-1-4

Bruna Petrarca Boyle


This Level 1 prep/lab manual contains:

  • 10 themed chapters covering greetings to geography and food to holidays to help students acquire cultural knowledge about Italy
  • 80 practice exercises for Listening, Reading, Writing, Culture and Speaking
  • Level 1 Italian instruction grammar
  • Special vocabulary builders to increase knowledge base of themed topics and verbs used in the text
  • An audio CD recorded by native speakers to help students practice Listening and Speaking in Italian
  • An answer key for all exercises including four sample essays and suggested responses for the Speaking.
  • 120 pages, softcover.
“Finally a workbook that makes work fun! An indispensable aid to the learning of Italian. Complimenti!
Christopher Kleinhenz
Professor of Italian
University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI