Italian Workbooks and Lab Manuals

Sei pronto... a cominciare? w/audio CDs


ISBN: 978-0-9824845-8-6

Barbara Carbon Nicoletta Da Ros


This new beginner-level text in the Sei pronto series comes with two audio CDs recorded by native speakers. Each of 12 units focuses on one specific aspect of contemporary Italian culture through a wide range of material -- editorial articles, flyers, letters, emails, text messages, advertisements, blogs, telephone conversations and web excerpts.

The Sei pronto series complements traditional textbooks used in Italian instruction. These workbook/lab manuals can also substitute as "hybrid" texts if the teacher wishes to teach grammar directly.

This series is also useful as a listening, reading, writing and speaking review for high school students wishing to prepare for standardized testing in Italian.

  • 186 pages, softcover, with 2 CDs
  • 12 units: Le presentazioni, La casa, Gli amici, La scuola, La famiglia, I lavori di casa, Il tempo libero, L'abbigliamento, Il cibo, Le azioni quotidiane, Le feste, Le vacanze
  • Includes grammar principles and vocabulary for each unit
“A concise challenging workbook -- an excellent source to introduce Italian language study. [...] Each chapter focues on a familiar subject such as family, food and holidays, keeping the student interested and motivated. The laboratory CD component encourages students to express themselves orally from the very beginning.”
Silvano DiCenso Myette
Italian Teacher
Boston Latin School, Boston, MA