Italian Readers

Letture divertenti: UMORISMO
ISBN: 978-0-9824845-4-8

Elise Magistro Nicoletta Tinozzi-Mehrmand


Twenty years since the inception of Racconti di Oggi, there's now a new lively innovative reader guaranteed to keep students and their teachers engaged as they encounter the complexities of Italian language. Using humorous contemporary literary readings and relying on close textual analysis, the authors focus on identifying and subsequently mastering difficult lexical and grammatical material. Students at intermediate-advanced levels will be both challenged and entertained.

138 pages, softcover

“This text is clearly the product of skilled and experienced classroom instructors of Italian. exciting collection of stimulating and thought-provoking stories ranging from Benni to Severgnini and including Ginzburg, Malerba, Cucciari and Guareschi. Finally a truly engaging and entertaining contemporary cultural reader highlighting eight humoristic narratives supplemented with a variety of exercises designed to expand and refine grammatical and cultural understanding. Innovative and pedagogically rewarding exercises promote vocabulary building and idiomatic usage of Italian.”
Giuseppe Faustini
Professor of Italian
Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY